Re: Kerkut (was: Re: A case for Christianity that does use ID orYEC arguments)

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Date: Wed Feb 04 2004 - 13:59:32 EST

Alan Hayward seems to have done a grand job, saving both Gary and Glenn from

To me it was a so-so book, sound but unexciting, but it bore fruit

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> On Tue, 3 Feb 2004 21:21:45 -0000, Michael Roberts wrote:
> >Kerkut also kept me from being TE in the 70s but I never ever flirted
> >YEC as I have always been so totally convinced by all geological argument
> >for a vast age and contra Wally consider them as proven as any other
> >science. However the consequences of denying the age of the earth are not
> >serious as discounting the acceleration due to gravity as it gets rather
> >painful if you decide g is 9.81 cm/sec2 rather than 981.
> >
> >Michael
> Thanks Michael, Paul and Ted for your feedback on this book. I used to be
> yec (with a small 'y') many years ago, since I had learned that people
> impressive qualifications could hold this view, apparently with sincerity
> (I had no reason to believe otherwise). It was only when I started looking
> more closely into the issue that I came to learn of the unreliability of
(at least
> most of) the YEC writers, and read of some things which seemed impossible
> to fit into the YEC paradigm, that I changed my mind on this. (Alan
> books were the ones that first opened my eyes). I, too, see no reason not
to accept
> the age of the earth, more or less as given, since radioactive dating has
> confirmed to be accurate in archaeological cases, and it seems to me that
> is no reason why it shouldn't also be accurate over the longer timescales.
> It may be out by a few percent, but not enough to make a case for a young
> (< 10^4 y) earth. I have found Blocher's work to be some of the most
> for the theological aspect of the creation issue.
> I came across a reference to Kerkut many years ago (memory fails somewhat,
> but I don't think it was a YEC source) and I'm pretty sure I once borrowed
> book from my local library. It doesn't seem to be in stock there anymore,
> though. I too have heard nothing of him for many years, but something
> my memory the other day and I wondered what others thought of his work.
> I think I will try to get hold of a copy for myself, maybe amazon or
> will have one. I actually met Kerkut briefly, he was a professor at
> University, where I once embarked on an ill-fated course in medicine. But
> wasn't aware of his book at that time, or else I didn't make the
> otherwise I would have asked him directly about his beliefs and his work.
> I'm sure I read somewhere that he is/was an atheist. I don't know if he is
> alive now, my memory of him is of a man getting on in years a bit, and
> was <ahem!> years ago.
> Thanks again,
> /Gary
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