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At 01:12 PM 04/02/2004 -0500, Gough, Joshua wrote:
  see below my reply:
Not all Christians believe in a body-soul division. I for one don't,
because I don't see it being taught anywhere in the Bible. The Body-Soul
division is from Greek origin I learned. How God does resurrect us we re
not being told.
However, the issue is more complicated than the easy way: "Well, we have a
soul going to heaven, which comes back to be re-united with the resurrected
body." I cannot find that anywhere in the Bible. I do read about people,
Christians being resurrected and than meeting our King Christ in the air
together with us, who will not have the advantage of being there early.
This issue is not just about men and the present universe. "Time" is
involved as well. "Eternity" is not just non-ending time, I believe, but
something completely different, something we cannot imagine (and that is
what the Bible says anyway, namely, that we cannot picture at all what it
will be like.
I believe, that for me the "moment" of my death is the "moment" of my
resurrection, and meeting Christ in glory coming down on the New Earth.
So, let us study: "What is created "Time."

Jan de Koning
>George, thanks for the response, I will have to take a look at that book
>you mentioned. I agree that unless there is a full resurrection, it
>doesn't make sense. Christians often complain that scientists are guilty
>of reductionism in that they attempt to dissect humanity into bits and
>pieces, but are not Christians guilty of the same who attempt to reduce
>a human into a corporeal and non-corporeal makeup? Are we truly "one" or
>are we not?
>But, that brings up one question a chemistry professor of mine raised
>For a resurrection to occur, where do the elements of the body come
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