RE: Essay about errancy

From: Gough, Joshua <>
Date: Tue Feb 03 2004 - 09:20:37 EST

Thank you, your assessment is reasonable, I believe. I am not yet
convinced that the events described actually happened, but I am
satisfied right now in believing that the gospels are not the pristine
historical and literal accounts that my church has been telling me they

>> "Does the evidence presented lend itself to belief that these
>> accounts are an absolutely infallible recollection of history,
>> they be something else? What that something else is I will not
>> to definitively conclude. It could be that they are the best
>> recollection of rumored or seen events; it could be fiction; it
>>could be
>> based on history, but embellished for political and theological
>> purposes."
>>With his "I will not attempt ..." he is (at least for the purposes of
>>ignoring what is in fact the purpose of the gospels. They are not
>>for ... theological purposes" but theological documents based on
>>persons and events.
>> Shalom,
>> George
>> Shalom,
>> George
>>George L. Murphy
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