Re: Pejudice? Cowardice? Re: A Peace Proposal

From: John W Burgeson <>
Date: Mon Feb 02 2004 - 10:37:54 EST

>>When I found some books by Morris and his band of pseudo scientists in
library, I complained to the hierarchy of the church and have made
progress in
elimination of books that are scientifically bogus. >>

Why would you wish to eliminate them?

A copy of Morris's book is in our church library; there are a number of
others to counteract it. But I have no fear of it.

On your main point -- you keep harping on it. I think I have made it very
clear that the term "YEC" as I use it refers to organizations such as
ICR, AIG, AOSA and the like and to the people who speak for it and for
the YEC claims in general that are made by their spokespeople in public
lectures. I hope I have made that clear. I have several YEC friends and
know they hold their positions primarily because that is what they have
heard and they have little interest in studying the subject, having
better (in their judgment) areas to pursue.

Burgy (A Habitat for Humanity story)

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