Re: A case for Christianity that does use ID or YEC arguments

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Date: Mon Feb 02 2004 - 10:20:09 EST

I (Doug) had written:
What I am looking for is a reference (book or article) by an author
(theologian/scientist) who concedes -- even argues for -- evolution as an
accurate understanding of the formative history of the cosmos and earth
while also making the case for existence of the Creator and deity of

Ted replied:
As for books, I already recommended one that is *exactly* what you call for
above: Polkinhorne's Belief in God in an Age of Science. Short, very deep,
eloquent, and straightforwardly and unabashedly Christian. Another plus:
clearly and rightly distances his approach from the process theology of
Barbour and Peacocke.

I reply:
Thanks, Ted. I will get a copy of Polkinghorne's book. I'm glad that I
restated my question so that you would clarify your recommendation of this
book. To give some more information, the friend is my cousin's husband, a
lawyer in St. Louis. It is his brother that gives him grief for
homeschooling his kids, one of which wrote a 5th grade essay about origins.
He's from an educated, albeit nonbelieving family, so the book does not
have to be too elementary. Although I myself am not totally opposed to
reading some Barbour and Peacocke, I agree that what you describe as
Polkinghorne's "angle" is most appropriate in this circumstance.

Thanks to everyone else for the recommendations. I have made note of them.
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