Re: A case for Christianity that does use ID or YEC arguments

From: William Hamilton <>
Date: Sun Feb 01 2004 - 17:04:36 EST

I read "Finding Darwin's God" a few months ago, and I would have to say
that the tone
of the book is a bit strident -- and I accept evolution. Thus I
wouldn't recommend it to a YEC looking for
a gentle introduction to an alternative Christian view. OTOH it does
give a very good overview of the evidence for evolution
and why evolution is not a threat to Christianity.

On Saturday, January 31, 2004, at 04:21 PM, The Fenske's wrote:

> Finding Darwin's God by Kenneth R. Miller
> The author provides a strong defence of evolutionary biology, with many
> examples of experimental support for the theory, and in doing so takes
> issue with many of the ID arguments. Perhaps in places he is a little
> strident - I know Phil Johnson has taken issue with the tone of this
> work
> in his newest book - but the book is over-all very well written and
> interesting,
> and is interspersed with personal reflections of the authors
> scientific and
> theological journey. In the latter part of the book, he argues
> strongly that
> this view in no way weakens or is a threat to the Christian faith, and
> that in
> fact it is what we would expect in a universe where real love and true
> moral
> choices exist. I'd be interested to know what others on this list
> thought
> of this book.
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