RE: Pejudice? Cowardice? Re: A Peace Proposal

From: Glenn Morton <>
Date: Sun Feb 01 2004 - 15:26:26 EST

Walter wrote--ignoring lots of things and doing what he decries in others:

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> What amazes and dismays me is the lack of identification of the
> specific group
> of individuals about whom you are all talking. Are you *afraid*
> to identify
> them?

At least have the courtesy to acknowledge that I did name a few names. You
are slamming us for not, and I did.

Is it a universal *prejudice*? How would you all feel if
> others attacked
> Arabs in general because of the actions of groups of terrorists?

Having married into a family of arabic descent and having one of my sons
singled out in London for an hour questioning by two MI5 agents, I would say
it isn't prejudice for people to worry about arabic young men. The fact is
it isn't tall, beautiful Norwegian blonde women who are bringing down
airplanes. Operating to protect against a evil group, which arises out of a
larger, normal group of people is not prejudice. Even my wife, full-blooded
Lebanese, when flying out of some of the airports around the world we have
been to, looked around to see if there was anyone she should be worried
about. She was looking for other arabic young men! Yes, she felt bad about
the 'discrimination' but that is the reality. Frankly, I don't think you
have any knowledge of the topic above.

> And I do NOT believe that Glenn is justified in slamming YECs
> just because of
> his experience with a select group. How about identifying the
> people of whom you
> speak and criticize them BY NAME instead of by a category that
> includes a lot
> of sensible people.

this chaps my you know what! I wrote in my note and YOU intentionally

"When I sent a xerox of the following picture of a duck-like bird nibbling
the sediment, Gene Chaffin,..."

"I know that Gish agreed that the Bombadier beetle was a bad argument, and
agreed with a critic not to use it again. Only in the next town he used it
again. "


     "Thomas Barnes proposed a classical view of electromagnetism as a YEC
excercise. I pointed out to him that one couldn't build a cyclotron based
upon his views. He agreed, but that didn't stop him from continuing to push
his views. That isn't integrity, Walter."

Walter, I don't think you have the integrity to acknowledge that I did name
names. You are doing exactly what YECs do and what you decry in others. You
are slamming all of us, when some of us did name names. And you are doing
what the YECs do when you ignore the actual data of the names I named.
Please quit being so pompous about your position!
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