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From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Sun Feb 01 2004 - 02:41:19 EST

A interesting three responses from Wally George and Glenn.

Yes George I Was thinking of hard core YEC writers - all your standard ones
from US, UK and Oz who seem pathologically incapable of being upright and
fair and honest. I do not envy them on the Day of Judgement.

I think many YEC followers are because they do not know of any better
arguments and think Wise and Austin a just a few of many YEC geologists and
that because they have put a poster up at a geophysics conference they must
be good. They are like some students I taught at Wheaton, whom another
student said they and she were brainwashed. As Glenn says they are not
without blame

Glenn is to the point but Wally needs to consider their whole approach of
distortion and character assassination. If that is in any way Christian then
I am an atheist and proud of it. (and Socrates will remember that ands use
it against me!)


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> Michael Roberts wrote:
> > In a way I agree with Burgy's peace proposal but sadly one or two things
> > needed first.
> >
> > 1) One should always take someone else's faith commitment at face value
> > not charge them with being liberal or fundamentalist with out very good
> > reason.
> > Thr worst offenders are those who refer to others as "supposed
> > or some similar phrase. On the theology web Socrates rubbishes Hugh Ross
> > his fellow AIGer Mortenson is obnoxious about Dave Young "who has
> > many".
> > There is also a difference between rubbishing and disagreeing. I
> > with A on homosexuality and B on the person of Christ and am prepared to
> > argue with them but not rubbish them. (But I cant resist humour which
> > doesn't always go down!)
> > 2) A rigorous honesty in representing the case of someone else. I fear
> > in some cases winning the argument is more important than being honest.
> > By being honest I do not mean being 100% accurate as we all make
mistakes or
> > are in error, but not distorting either wilfully or negligently.
> > I have read posts on this listserve which I consider to be seriously in
> > error, but the person made them in absolute honesty and integrity.
> > Unfortunately I cannot say that about most YEC writing. That means that
> > a truce is well nigh impossible-
> >
> > Surely no Christian could object to this
> I am one who does!
> I think that many of them have every bit as much integrity as you do,
> Walt
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