Re: Randomness from full disclosure--Paley's watch not original

From: John W Burgeson <>
Date: Sat Jan 31 2004 - 10:43:18 EST

Moorad posted: "I believe the reason the clock metaphor was used has to
do with the
mechanical analogy used to describe Nature at the time of Paley. Let us
say that one wanted to leave something that upon being found, the finder
would conclude that he/she had found "love"---or what love is. What
would you leave for the finder to find the meaning of what love is? I
claim there is nothing physical you could leave for the finder to infer
that he/she had found "love." Similarly, there is nothing physical that
you can leave to a potential finder so that he/she would infer a
Creator. It is the sum total of our scientific knowledge plus the
totality of human experience that requires a Creator to, not only answer
the ontological question regarding existence, but that allows us to make
sense of the whole of reality."

Often, I take issue with my friend Moorad's post. It is a pleasure to not
only agree with him here but comment that I gained a new insight with his

The most important things in life are those you cannot photograph.

Thanks, Moorad.


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