Re: A case for Christianity that does use ID or YEC arguments

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Date: Fri Jan 30 2004 - 17:59:01 EST

Ted included the following in his response to my query:

it's fair IMO for ID advocates to "call the question," that is, to claim
that doubts about the ability of Darwinism to explain this can fairly be

I regard ID as a fair response to this group [preachers of naturalism], esp
on cosmology but also (see above) to a lesser extent on overzealous claims
about the explanatory success of evolution.

I could tolerate the ID apologetic if it remained focused on pointing out
how philosophical naturalists have overstepped the limits of science, but
that is not at all what they do. I heard Johnson speak at my father's
church this past October; when asked, he won't comment on what he thinks
about the age of the earth or whether current species arose by speciation
from previous ones, etc. His entire rhetoric and presentation is crafted to
effectively belittle evolution as a whole among the Christian community and
(I assume) to win support for a complete overthrow of evolution. Why don't
IDologists simply acknowledge the evidence that the earth is old and
evolution (descent with modification) has occurred, and then spend their
energy arguing their central point: that evolutionary mechanisms, although
existent and operative, are not SUFFICIENT for the physical and biological
diversity we see today? I would still disagree with them on this point,
but I would fully respect the position as a possibility. As it is, I their
wholesale rejection of evolution is just absurd. I cannot, in good
conscience, promote an apologetic that flows down that stream of logic.

What I am looking for is a reference (book or article) by an author
(theologian/scientist) who concedes -- even argues for -- evolution as an
accurate understanding of the formative history of the cosmos and earth
while also making the case for existence of the Creator and deity of

Any suggestions?

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