QuRe: A case for Christianity that does use ID or YEC arguments

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    Here are a couple of items from a Roman Catholic perspective that are
accessible, and in which your brother may find some resonance, by John F.
Haught. The approach is broader than biblical but frequently refers to the
bilical experience of God; what may be useful is that Haught provides
arguments that demonstrate that there is no conflict between God and
evolution, and that evolution does not make belief obsolete but instead
invites the Christian to a deeper and richer understanding of God in

    1) Science & Religion: From Conflict to Conversation: Chapter 3, "Does
Evolution Rule Out God's Existence?"
In this and other chapters, Haught presents the materialist/scientistic
argument and the proceeds to take it apart.

    2) Responses to 101 Questions on God and Evolution. (This one also
offers a criticque of scientific materialism.)

Both are published by Paulist Press and could be ordered on line.

Bob Schneider

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> Dear list friends,
> I have a friend whose brother has attacked him for his Christian belief,
> chastising him for teaching his home-schooled children from a Christian
> perspective, which includes the doctrine of Creation. In defense, my
> friend has tried to use intelligent design arguments to show that
> does not have all the answers such that it makes belief in God obsolete.
> have worked hard to persuade my friend not to use the ID apologetic (I
> him one of Van Till's articles as well as the chapter on properly
> interpreting Genesis 1 from Charles Hummel's _Galileo Connection_). I
> could also send him Keith Miller's new book.
> However, I would like to find for him a good layperson-accessible article
> or book that he can use to defend theism and Christianity against his
> brother's evolution-and-science-make-belief-in-God obsolete rhetoric. I
> was wondering if any one can suggest a good, non-ID, stand-alone article
> book written for this apologetic purpose (to a materialist/scientism
> audience). The classic "Mere Christianity" and even "Evidence that Demands
> a Verdict", although useful in their own contexts, don't address this
> audience very well.
> Sincerely,
> Douglas
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