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From: George Murphy <>
Date: Fri Jan 30 2004 - 10:39:16 EST

wallyshoes wrote:
> George Murphy wrote:
> > wallyshoes wrote:
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> > > Hello john,
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> > > As one might expect, a lot of negativity arises on this site and others.
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> > > Can you email us (maybe even privately) to inform us as to how we can endorse
> > > such such a proposal in a positive fashion!
> >
> > Perhaps I'm being unduly sensitive but since my remarks on this Peace Proposal
> > may be understood as negative, further explanation may be helpful.
> > A clear statement that would enable YECs and OECs (the latter understood in a
> > broad sense) to agree that they can recognize one another as Christians would be of
> > value. But nothing will be gained with a statement that is inaccurate &/or raises
> > peripheral issues about which there is disagreement & which could make some people
> > hesitate to subscribe to it even though they were in agreement with the basic purpose of
> > the statement. If this is worth doing, it's worth doing right.
> Can you modify the proposed text such that it would be something that you could sign? Such
> an endorsement coming from you would carry significant weight.

        I suspect that the weight my opinion would carry with most YECs could be
measured in millidynes!

        But as I look at the statement in the light of your request, I realize that it
never does state the basic point that's needed in so many words. Off the top of my head
I'd say something like this (with commentary in braces):

        Recognizing that a believer in Jesus Christ may be wrong about scientific data
and theories concerning the natural world and may even err concerning some points of
Christian doctrine and still be a believer, {This is a modification of the original 1st
        And further recognizing that it is possible to agree on certain points and
cooperate in certain tasks with those who may disagree with us on other matters, even
though the points of disagreement may be quite substantial, {A slight modification of
the original 3d paragraph}

        And in view of the Scriptural admonitions to love one another, speak the
truth in love and come humbly to a brother or sister overtaken in a fault, {The original
4th paragraph modified for inclusive language}
        We consider it important to state and to agree that while Christians may differ
about the age of the earth and the universe, whether biological evolution has occurred
or the extent of that process, and in general the ways in which God has brought the
world and living things into being, such differences are not in themselves grounds for
questioning the Christian commitment of a person who confesses that Jesus is Lord and
believes that God is the creator of the world and living things. {A complete rewrite of
the original 5th paragraph, keeping only the 1st 4 words.}

        The original closing paragraph ("Calling for a humility that comes only from a
walk of obedience and trust in our Creator and Redeemer, we prayerfully ask both sides
to vow before the Lord a willingness to lay aside personal pride and past hurts in
order to further the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. We call for a willingness to
truly listen and genuinely love, and beyond that, the courage to change opinions and
positions if the facts warrant.") is OK but I don't know that it's necessary. Simply
closing with my paragraph above keeps the focus on the essential point.

        As I said, this is off the top of my head & is certainly open to improvement.
Please do not circulate it at this point as any kind of definitive statement of mine.

George L. Murphy
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