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Date: Fri Jan 30 2004 - 09:40:25 EST

wallyshoes wrote:
> Hello john,
> As one might expect, a lot of negativity arises on this site and others.
> Can you email us (maybe even privately) to inform us as to how we can
> such such a proposal in a positive fashion!

To which George Murphy responded:
           Perhaps I'm being unduly sensitive but since my remarks on this
Peace Proposal
may be understood as negative, further explanation may be helpful.
           A clear statement that would enable YECs and OECs (the latter
understood in a
broad sense) to agree that they can recognize one another as Christians
would be of
value. But nothing will be gained with a statement that is inaccurate &/or
peripheral issues about which there is disagreement & which could make some
hesitate to subscribe to it even though they were in agreement with the
basic purpose of
the statement. If this is worth doing, it's worth doing right.

To which I respond:
I agree with George. The original proposed statement is much longer than
necessary and attempts to justify or recognize the value of both "sides".
In truth, they are mutually exclusive views and only one can be correct.
The peace proposal statement should be limited to a recognition that
differences of understanding about the age of the earth (and the role of
evolution, I would add) should not be used to divide Christians in matters
of faith and communion.

In reality, only the minority ecumenical ASAer-types would sign such a
proposal, so its role in unifying in the Christian community at large would
be negligible. Regular Joes and Janes in the pew would never here about it.
Neither the die-hard popularist YEC advocates nor the Dawkins-types
(average Christians don't know any names of Christians who are
evolutionists) would never submit to it. I don't even think you would get
Phillip Johnson to submit to it in any public way; to do so would weaken
his wedge of confusion.

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