DSDP vertebrates from coal discussion

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There are plenty of macrofossils in DSDP/ODP cores. I only paid attention to the papers on mollusks, being the interesting part :) but I would be extremely surprised if there are no fish bones, etc.

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>It is a shame that Bill didn't respond to the veggie mat problem at least
>that I saw (If I am wrong, my apologies--50 lashes with a wet noodle).
>You're right as usual, Glenn. I'll take your lashes for ignoring you.
>On Fri, 23 Jan 2004 18:36:37 -0600 "Glenn Morton"
><glennmorton@entouch.net> writes:
>> Bill, can you possibly explain why not a single veggie mat with
>> animals grounded during the Pennsylvanian? or one with Pennsylvanian
>> grounded during the Cretaceous? What prevented them from running into
>> shallow water?
>As you told me not long ago about something or other I asked you - "I
>don't know." I would agree with you that the succession of animals in
>the fossil record is very strong evidence for long ages and evolution. I
>just like to keep my mind open to other possibilities.
>> Another question Bill. Why wouldn't one single veggie mat float out to
>> deep ocean and even if it didn't form a massive coal seam, why didn't
>> single veggie mat floating in the turbulent waters of the flood fall
>> dumping their animals into the drink to be fossilized in deep water?
>> your model the Deep Sea Drilling Project should have found some dead
>> animals in the cores they have taken all over the earth.
>I am under the impression that the DSDP cores consist of mainly ooze;
>that seems to be all I have ever seen in photos (as far as I can
>remember). Do they contain the skeletons of marine vertebrates?
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