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Date: Tue Jan 27 2004 - 06:58:35 EST

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> > Bill, can you possibly explain why not a single veggie mat with
> Cretaceous
> > animals grounded during the Pennsylvanian? or one with Pennsylvanian
> animals
> > grounded during the Cretaceous? What prevented them from running into
> > shallow water?
> As you told me not long ago about something or other I asked you - "I
> don't know." I would agree with you that the succession of animals in
> the fossil record is very strong evidence for long ages and evolution. I
> just like to keep my mind open to other possibilities.

Fair enough. I don't know is a good answer. But I do have a question, you
don't have to answer. Are you really keeping an open mind or are you
avoiding the direction the data is leading you so that you don't have to
give up certain theological views? Think about it.

> > Another question Bill. Why wouldn't one single veggie mat float out to
> the
> > deep ocean and even if it didn't form a massive coal seam, why didn't
> one
> > single veggie mat floating in the turbulent waters of the flood fall
> apart
> > dumping their animals into the drink to be fossilized in deep water?
> In
> > your model the Deep Sea Drilling Project should have found some dead
> land
> > animals in the cores they have taken all over the earth.
> I am under the impression that the DSDP cores consist of mainly ooze;
> that seems to be all I have ever seen in photos (as far as I can
> remember). Do they contain the skeletons of marine vertebrates?

I know of none, but they do have lots of forams. Even in oil wells, I only
know of one well which cored a fish skeleton. A six inch hole doesn't give
you enough of a look at a horizon to capture all of what is there. But in
general you are correct the deep sea DSDP and ODP sites find mostely
ooze--no coal from veggie mats.
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