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Date: Mon Jan 26 2004 - 19:47:07 EST

A miracle has occurred--Michael and I agree on something. :-)

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> I share that instinct as the fear many have is that if there is no Fall
> then our Lord's work on the cross is of no avail.
> However there is no justification to argue that the effects of
> the Fall ( I
> never can convince myself that there was not an actual historical fall)
> actually initiated all suffering including that of the animal world, thus
> denying any possibility of the existence of life forms more than
> a few hours
> before Adam.

When I was a YEC and I was teaching a class and wanted to get almost 100%
agreement about the danger of evolution, I would merely cite H. G. Wells:

"It was only slowly that the general intelligence of the Western
world was awakened to two disconcerting facts: firstly, that the
succession of life in the geological record did not correspond to
the acts of the six days of creation; and, secondly, that the
record, in harmony with a mass of biological facts, pointed away
from the Bible assertion of a separate creation of each species,
straight towards a genetic relation between all forms of life, _in
which even man was included!_ The importance of this last issue to
the existing doctrinal system was manifest. If all the animals and
man had been evolved in this ascendant manner, then there had been
no first parents, no Eden, and no Fall. And if there had been no
fall, then the entire historical fabric of Christianity, the story
of the first sin and the reason for an atonement, upon which the
current teaching based Christian emotion and morality, collapsed
like a house of cards." H.G.Wells, _Outline of History_ Vol 2 (Doubleday,
1961)p. 776-777

I think the Fall is more important to the YECs than death before the Fall,
although it is a close second.
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