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  In any case it's not enough to convince YECs that their views are wrong.
If they're not simply going to wind up leaving the faith, you've got to
replace their whole way of thinking with new ways of thinking. You need to
show them new ways of interpreting the Bible, new ideas about death, sin and
God's punishment for sin, etc. It's a whole theological package. George
Murphy has made commendable efforts in this regard; but ultimately the test
is whether people will buy into the new ways.

  GRM: While my efforts may not be commendable, and George and I in the past
have had some real doozies of discussions on the best way, it is my opinion
that those leaving YEC are much less likely to accept anything that they
view as removing strict historicity. That is why I developed the views I
have--I think it matches the YEC need for historicity but allows them to
accept modern science. Then after a period of time, if they feel they can
leave the historiicity prerequisite, I don't care where they go
theologically as long as they stay in the faith.

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