Re: Full disclosure (was Grand Canyon Tears America Apart )

From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Mon Jan 26 2004 - 17:38:07 EST

> My instinct, often voiced on this forum, that death before the fall is
> fundamental *theological* force behind YEC, was confirmed once again.
> was the most significant objection offered to the "old" earth positions I
> presented, and it came up immediately at just the appropriate points.
 I share that instinct as the fear many have is that if there is no Fall
then our Lord's work on the cross is of no avail.
However there is no justification to argue that the effects of the Fall ( I
never can convince myself that there was not an actual historical fall)
actually initiated all suffering including that of the animal world, thus
denying any possibility of the existence of life forms more than a few hours
before Adam. Pre-geological theologians i.e. before c1800 were not unanimous
on the subject as it was rarely addressed for the reason there was no
concept of time. However some like Aquinas and an Anglican Warburton
accepted that predation was the natural order according to God's intention
rather than of the Fall.

Like Ted I have held that this is the vital doctrine and have dabbled with
over the years but it is a very complex question. Some books by Henri
Blocher now at Wheaton may help. Evil and the Cross and Original Sin , both
IVP . He also says but poss not in print that anyone who has an explanation
of sin has got it wrong.

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