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> Funny you should mention this, Glenn. In October 2003 Dr. Emil Silvestru
> was invited to my hometown of Tumbler Ridge, BC by local church
> groups. He
> is the "world authority on the geology of caves" from Answers in Genesis,
> whose "areas of expertise include: Sedimentology of clastic deposits,
> stratigraphy of limestone terranes, general geology." (quotes from AiG
> website). I had a 3 hour geology conversation with him. Our town is
> becoming widely known for recently discovered dinosaur tracks and
> bones. I
> asked him to explain how dinosaur tracks could end up in the Cretaceous
> sediments here. He advanced the "hopped off the floating mat"
> idea that you
> just shredded.
> I'm happy to report that our meeting didn't end in fisticuffs
> (must be that
> Canadian politeness), but let's just say we had few points of agreement.

AiG completely misrepresents Silvestru's renown. They claim he is a world
authority on stuff, but I have never seen an article by him in the English
press, nor have I seen him referenced--and I went looking for him due to
some conversations I had with a YEC a few weeks ago. I don't understand why
the simple truth won't fly with them. He is a geologist, but he isn't of
world renown on anything. Neither am I.

It is a shame that Bill didn't respond to the veggie mat problem at least
that I saw (If I am wrong, my apologies--50 lashes with a wet noodle).
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