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  I think you've hit the nail squarely on the head, Wayne. The average
Christian is neither a theologian nor a scientist. So he relies on trusted
experts. Ideally trusted Christian experts. And the trusted Christian
experts most available are usually young earth creationists. It seems to me
that if we're really serious about educating Christians we have to reach the
pastors and the students. I happen to know that Wheaton College and Calvin
College are both doing a pretty good job of reaching the students -- at
least insofar as making the case for an old earth is concerned. My sons, one
a Calvin grad, the other a Wheaton grad, are not outspoken about their
views, but both accept an old earth and evolution, and both are solid
Christians. Progress is and will continue to be slow, but I think we are
making progress -- at least in some quarters.

  GRM: I would suggest that part of the strategy is to show that the leaders
aren't telling the whole story which is necessary to separate the laity from
the YEC leaders. There are risks with this strategy, but there are risks
anytime someone tells a YEC that their view isn't correct. The YEC may
leave the faith.
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