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Date: Sun Jan 25 2004 - 11:15:06 EST

Glenn Morton wrote:

> There is a book written by a friend, Ed Babinski, called Leaving the Fold.
> He has many tales of people who used to be fundamentalist and are now
> atheists or agnostic. Many left because they felt the facts were at odds
> with the Bible. And they weren't scientists. One friend of mine,Jim Lippard
> has an article in the book:

From what I know of Jim Lippard, he is _at least_ analytical
enough to be a scientist in principle. I cannot see him as
just an average Joe-in-the-pew, even if he was at one time.

However, I think you have a point. People (including the average
Joe and Jane-in-the-pews) want to feel they are believing things
that are actually true. But the problem is that when the
doubts come, they have inadequate preparation for such a
difficult exercise as science, and see nowhere to go except
atheism. YEC is easy feeding because, aside from (for example)
the rather creative and intelligent YEC folk who post on this list,
it usually is mere political grandstanding that is easy for the
masses. (That is not saying I have any doubts about the
age of the earth as a result of any YEC arguments, but I respect
that _some_ arguments I have seen on this list were at least

Even for me, although _never_ a YEC, my angst for God has
sometimes led me astray. It is just so easy and inviting
to be "in the group" and be fed misleading answers to a very
difficult philosophical issue. Maybe one has to learn again and
again the hard way that if the answers are easy, they are
probably wrong.

The same actually goes the other way: just because science
answers many questions, it does not mean it answers them all.
But people (especially the average Joe and Jane in the pew) are not
even remotely prepared to make this kind of evaluation of
science. For one thing, there is family, a job to deal with and
simply no time to think so deeply.

So the crisis comes, and there is no one there to help
these Joes and Janes back on their feet and give a sincere
and honest appraisal of what science is and what it can and
what it should not claim it can do. They see only the
pompous boasting of scientism, or the clanging noise
of YEC.

So by Grace alone we proceed,
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