Re: Full disclosure - creationism and salvation

From: William Hamilton <>
Date: Sat Jan 24 2004 - 14:54:22 EST

On Friday, January 23, 2004, at 04:18 PM, George Murphy quoted Sheila:

>> * Many YEC's are taught and believe that the foundation of our
>> salvation hinges on our belief in the age of the earth. I have
>> heard this taught in a local church and others on this list have
>> had their salvation questioned by YEC's. My salvation is based
>> on my need and acknowledgement for a Savior and my relationship
>> with God - nothing more, nothing less.

One of the most blatant examples of this was a poster ICR made to
advertise their "Back to Genesis" creationism seminars. It represented
the Christian and humanist establishments as castles, and the
foundation of the Christian castle was labeled "Genesis". The
foundation of Christianity is Jesus Christ.

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