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Date: Fri Jan 23 2004 - 19:36:37 EST

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> Furthermore, the distribution of animals in the fossil record is not
> consistent with this explanation. I will let Glenn jump in with
> some links
> to his extensive writings on this - the distribution of fossils from a
> scenario you propose would be that all the pre-flood animals would be
> represented in the lowest flood strata, then fewer and fewer of these
> species as the strata were deposited and species went extinct.
> This is not
> what we see.

The problem with having the animals ride the veggie mats is that the
Pennsylvanian coal mats had an entirely different set of animals than the
Permian mats, which had an entirely different set of animals from the
Triassic mats which had an entirely different set of animals from the
Jurassic veggie mats and which had an entirely different set of animals from
the Cretaceous veggie mats.

Bill, can you possibly explain why not a single veggie mat with Cretaceous
animals grounded during the Pennsylvanian? or one with Pennsylvanian animals
grounded during the Cretaceous? What prevented them from running into
shallow water?

Another question Bill. Why wouldn't one single veggie mat float out to the
deep ocean and even if it didn't form a massive coal seam, why didn't one
single veggie mat floating in the turbulent waters of the flood fall apart
dumping their animals into the drink to be fossilized in deep water? In
your model the Deep Sea Drilling Project should have found some dead land
animals in the cores they have taken all over the earth.

It seems almost incomprehensible to me that someone could really believe
this stuff.
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