RE: Full disclosure (was Grand Canyon Tears America Apart )

From: Glenn Morton <>
Date: Fri Jan 23 2004 - 19:26:33 EST

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> I am not trying to claim that waht I suggest is the only way to
> sway YECs. Obviously peoplw differ and different people are
> swayed by different arguments. But I believe it always helps to
> show YECs you are a Christian -- and not just a nominal
> Christian.

I will agree with this. On TheologyWeb I posted a note on why I believe
Genesis is historical. It is quite different than anything you will read
along that vein and it can be found reproduced at

> About your pilgrimage, Glenn. I seem to remember that we were
> both posting to, and you were considering abandoning
> Christianity altogether. But as I remember, you told me that some
> things I posted made sense to you and played a part in your
> decision not to abandon Christianity.

Your memory is quite good. You were helpful to me which is why I have
always had a warm spot in my heart for you. I had been kind of dragged into
T.O. by Jim Lippard who, after having seen me post once, asked a public
question that forced me to publically, for the first time admit that I had
changed my views. That was indeed a tough time in my life.
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