RE: Full disclosure (was Grand Canyon Tears America Apart )

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Date: Fri Jan 23 2004 - 12:29:17 EST

I wrote
> > I agree with Sheila and with Robert Schneider: YEC's will not be
> > convinced by the technical brilliance of our arguments, or by the
> > stridency of them. However, if they are faced with an authentic
> > Christian who interprets Scripture differently from the way they do,
> > _that_ will make them think.
Glenn wrote
> I wasn't converted that way. I became convinced that the data couldn't fit
> YEC and that if I were to be honest with myself, I had to change. Bill,
> during the time I was changing, I was not in communication with any other
> Christians. If there is any credit, it goes to an atheist. If you recall
> when we first ran into each other, I was already nearly at the position I am
> at now.
I am not trying to claim that waht I suggest is the only way to sway YECs. Obviously peoplw differ and different people are swayed by different arguments. But I believe it always helps to show YECs you are a Christian -- and not just a nominal Christian. Kenneth Miller in his book, "Finding Darwin's God" remarks that his students at Brown are frequently quite nonplussed to find he is a Christian. But once they find out, the way is opened for fruitful discussions, including (probably) with some reluctant YECs who are taking his course because it's required.

About your pilgrimage, Glenn. I seem to remember that we were both posting to, and you were considering abandoning Christianity altogether. But as I remember, you told me that some things I posted made sense to you and played a part in your decision not to abandon Christianity.
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