Re: Canadian Coal - depositional setting

From: Bill Payne <>
Date: Fri Jan 23 2004 - 00:44:00 EST

Hi Dave,

I'm beginning to wonder how competent I am. :-)

I have always assumed that these burrows were produced by marine animals,
which wouldn't have been destroyed in the Biblical Flood (only
air-breathing animals were). I also assume that the same animals didn't
have to burrow up through miles of sediment, but that the marine
burrowers were alive throughout the Flood and new animals were washed in
with each new layer of sediment.

We do find vertebrate trackways of air-breathing animals in Pennsylvanian
sediments, which in my view were flood sediments. I think Glenn says on
his web site that this proves that the YEC Flood couldn't have been
deeper than the length of the animals' legs. I believe that there were
floating islands of vegetation which served as rafts for animals, and
when the rafts grounded (as I would have to say they periodically did
during the flood) the critters walked off the raft and left their tracks
in the mud. Then more sediment would wash in and cover/preserve the
tracks, and drown some more of the animals.

Hope that helps. Others are welcome to comment.


On Tue, 20 Jan 2004 20:48:01 -0700 "D. F. Siemens, Jr."
<> writes:
I'm not competent to get into your discussion of coal formation, but the
item below does raise a puzzle. My understanding is that the Flood tore
up almost everything and drowned all the terrestrial creatures that were
not in the ark early on, that is, during the first 40 days. This would
have exterminated all rodents, lagomorphs and other terrestrial
burrowers. I don't think that the burrows, at least as I understand their
nature, could have been produced by annelids or molluscs. So I am
wondering about these obviously gilled marine fossorials who dug through
the sand as it was being deposited during a few days of the year of the
Flood. Can you tell me more about them? Or is this another one of those
ad hoc explanations that make no sense?

On Sun, 18 Jan 2004 23:41:12 -0600 Bill Payne <> writes:
On Fri, 16 Jan 2004 16:20:30 -0700 "Kevin Sharman" <>

> There is a 50 meter thick sandstone with burrows at most levels. You
> me - can these animals burrow 50 meters upward in two days?

That would be 25 meters/day, or about 1 meter/hour, or less than 2
cm/minute. What's the problem?

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