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From: William Hamilton <>
Date: Thu Jan 22 2004 - 21:04:25 EST

On Thursday, January 22, 2004, at 12:12 PM, Sheila Wilson wrote:

> The law does NOT bring us to repentance - that is not scriptural.  The
> law tells us where we are wrong and nothing more.  God's grace allows
> us to become new again.  We are holy not because of what we have or
> have not done but because God makes us innocent by cleansing us with
> the blood of the Lamb.
> Young earth creationists often say that our salvation is on the line
> when we believe the earth is older than 6000 years old or 12,000 or
> whatever the magic number is.  Rather than debating the age of the
> earth, we need to return to the doctrine of grace.  Ephesians 2:8
> says, For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith--and this
> not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.
> Our salvation is independent of how old the earth is or how old we
> believe the earth is.  When people understand this truth, they will be
> more open to other truths and our theories of how old the earth is.

I agree with Sheila and with Robert Schneider: YEC's will not be
convinced by the technical brilliance of our arguments, or by the
stridency of them. However, if they are faced with an authentic
Christian who interprets Scripture differently from the way they do,
_that_ will make them think. I've related it before, but it bears
repeating. I used to be a fairly active participant on
I became quite good friends with Jim Loucks, a fairly doctrinaire YEC.
One day after he and I had sparred for many months he sent me an email
in which he said, "I have concluded that you really are a Christian."
That didn't change his view of the age of the earth, but it did change
his view of how people like me who have no problem with an old earth
and who have no problem with evolution, properly interpreted, should be
treated. After all, they _just might_ be believers. There's no easy
solution, folks. Just keep patiently explaining how you differ from
them and why, and do it in a loving Christian way.

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