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> George
> My point is a simple one, despite apparent similarities YEC ideas of today
> have no roots in the pre-1800 period, as those "geologists" were using
> Genesis in a different way which was far more tentative. In the late 17th
> Century Ray etc used the Flood as an explanation of strata more as an
> inference of the best bit from the evidence available rather than
> something
> to be held on to dogmatically as if their faith would collapse if they did
> not accept it.

I don't want to start a brouhaha, but there were parallels between some of
the early flood theorists and Morris. Ray believed the strata were
deposited and fossils sorted via hydrodynamic sorting.

"Ray's tentative explanation of the transport of fossils from the sea on to
the land during the Deluge was ingenious but hardly satisfactory. As he
himself must have realized, it could not explain the position of fossils
within strata. This was the deficiency that the physician John Woodward
(1665-1728) sought to make good, in his Essay toward a Natural History of
the Earth (1695). . . . Without acknowledging his debt to Steno - though one
of his critics made it explicit - Woodward framed his theory around the
postulate that 11 fossiliferous strata had been laid down horizontally at
the time of the Deluge. The fossils they contained dated from the
ante-diluvian period. Together with all the materials of the Earth's
surface, they had been churned up into a kind of suspension at the time of
the Deluge. . . From this thick suspension these materials, and the fossils,
had then settled out in order of their specific gravity, to form the
observed order of strata with their characteristic fossils. The strata had
subsequently collapsed into tilted positions, but in general the
post-diluvial world was one of order tranquillity." ~ Martin J. S. Rudwick,
The Meaning of Fossils, (New York: Neale Watson Academic Publications,
1976), p. 82

Note: This is not my contention but Rudwick's.

There were similarities between Whiston and Donald Patten, the creationist
who wrote a very Velikovskian book on how comets caused the flood and ice

"The idea that a comet might have caused the Deluge was not original with
Whiston. In December, 1694, a year and a half before he published the
theory, the noted astronomer Edmond Halley had propounded a similar
hypothesis before the Royal Society but had refrained from publishing it
'lest by some unguarded Expression he might incur the censure of the Sacred
Order.'" ~ John C. Greene, The Death of Adam, (New York: Mentor Books,
1961), p. 28

Maybe you are looking at the scientists and I am looking at the YEC
theologian-wannabe-scientists, but I see YEC farther back than 1800, or at
least parts of it. Michael, you may have the last word.
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