Electronic Green Journal issue 19, December 2003 Announcement

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The Editors of the Electronic Green Journal are proud to announce the
release of Issue 19, December 2003. Please pardon the duplication.


Issue 19 includes Fred Stoss's editorial on the disappearance of the CEQ's
Environmental Quality annual report to Congress, five articles, three poems,
presentation notes, one column, and 13 book reviews.

 The first article, by Jane Andrew from the University of Wollongong in
Australia, presents a study indicating that environmental disclosures by
corporations are highly dependent on the type of the industry.

 The second article, by C. Brant Short and Dayle C. Hardy-Short from the
Northern Arizona University, redefines the relationships between fire,
nature, and human behavior in wildfire management policies.

 Brian J. English from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles,
in the third article, discusses the interactions of international aid
agencies and NGOs with national policy makers and local communities in
integrated coastal management programs.

 The forth article, by Hiep Nguyen Duc from the Environment Protection
Authority and Truong Phuoc Truong from the University of New South Wales,
both in Australia, examines water resources around Ho Chi Minh City in

 The essay by Ryder W. Miller describes conditions affecting the beach
habitat in Ocean Beach (part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in
San Francisco, California) and offers some solutions.
This issue also consists of guidelines and activities for environmental
education by Tim Grant, co-editor of the Green Teacher Magazine in Canada;
three poems by Leszek Czuchajowski, chemistry professor at the University of
Idaho; Flora's environmental resources column; and 13 book reviews by
reviewers in India, Australia, Pakistan, and the USA.
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