Re: Sulphur, Forams and Partings in Coal

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Date: Tue Jan 20 2004 - 08:52:08 EST

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> On Sun, 4 Jan 2004 22:48:50 -0700 "Kevin Sharman" <>
> writes:
> {KS replies} Please describe a mechanism for accumulating mats of peat
> hundreds of feet thick in the pre-flood timeframe, which I understand to
> be a few thousand years, using modern rates of peat accumulation which
> you quoted on Nov. 28, 2003:
> Looking at the data, I am driven towards a floating-mat model for
> deposition of Pennsylvanian coals. So far, I am thinking that this model
> will also work for your Cretaceous coals. My best guess for the
> formation of thick mats is a massive wave which overtopped the
> continents, ripping up all vegetation as it went, and depositing it in
> continental seas. Again, I'm not concerned with the timeframe at this
> point.

Bill, the time frame IS important to your argument. Either you are
proposing a short pre-flood time period with peat accumulation rates vastly
greater than we see today (needs to be justified), or a long pre-floodtime
period with peat accumulation rates in today's ballpark. Geologists are
notoriously hard to pin down on the subject of hard numbers, but we can
usually get estimates down to a few orders of magnitude.

Care to provide a time estimate?

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