Re: Grand Canyon Tears America Apart in Battle Between Science and Faith

From: Jan de Koning <>
Date: Mon Jan 19 2004 - 15:42:06 EST

At 11:50 AM 18/01/2004 -0500, wallyshoes wrote:

>Actually, Glenn, you misrepresent this. There were many responses to your post
>on "Unconformity, Structural deformation Present problems for flood"
>If it were not so sad, these comments could actually be funny. Sure, it is
>the YECs who are pigheaded. All the scientists on this list are so open-minded
>that their brains nearly fall out ;).
>Let's get serious. Who on this list is open mended and listens to the
>of the YECs and concedes any point whatsoever to them? If there is any one
>that has been conceded to a YEC please tell me what it is. I'll bet that I get
>no reply -- that the scientific people on this list "go silent" like a YEC --
>or else post a lot of excuses why that would be a bad idea.
>It takes 2 people to make a war. in this war, the YECs are one and those who
>think like Glenn Morton are the others.
>Now I happen to have fruitful discussions without several in my Church. If I
>spoke like people on this list do, then there would be no dialog --- just 2
>monologs. (or just one monolog as there is on this list).
>Disgusting IMO.

  I, for one, have been discussing the arguments years ago, and every now
and again I am tempted to do so again, repeating myself, since I have not
received any replies to what I used to write about Bible translations,
philosophies of people living now and 3000 years ago, and old languages
compared to new ones etc. I do not intend to repeat myself regularly, so,
of course, most of the time I just delete YEC postings. You may be able
(?) to find some of these postings in archives? Anyway, if you are
interested in my views, you can find them in the 1991 synodical Acts of the
Christian Reformed Church.

And, I have admired Glen who kept on trying to get through with his
arguments. Since he did not, I do not try unless you come up with new

Jan de Koning
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