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> I agree with Keith, but I don't believe that allowing a creationist
> book to be sold in a bookstore on the premises of the National Park
> Service amounts to giving creationism equal public standing.

I have some suspicion about this claim. That is, the
claim reported in Baptist Press, AIG, Agape, etc.
that the groups of scientists were trying to get the
book banned from the store.

Baptist Press, the only news outlet that printed an
excerpt of the letter, (and presumably it printed the
objectionable portion of the letter - possibly not)
printed an excerpt that stated that the Vail book
should not be on the natural sciences shelves. It
does not say the book should not be in the store.

Does anyone have an actual copy of the letter? It
is my suspicion that AIG et al are misrepresenting
the contents of the letter - note I am not implying
intent, it could be a careless reading, or wishful
thinking, it matters not to me why - in order to
raise a public stink. More research is required
before we shout censorship, I think.

> Perhaps
> the best approach for the government would be to simply post a
> disclaimer over the book rack stating that the display of a book does
> not imply government endorsement.

Per I think the LA Times, that was something like
what the PEER employees wanted to do. They
wanted to write up rebuttals and make the
rebuttals available at the store. The store said
they would not permit that. (I wonder why not?)
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