RE: Grand Canyon Tears America Apart in Battle Between Science and Faith

From: Glenn Morton <>
Date: Sun Jan 18 2004 - 16:14:39 EST

Hi Burgy,

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> <ironic mode on>Judging by the calm, collected, coherent and responsible
> responses to most of your TheologyWeb postings, <ironic mode off> I quite
> understand your point.
> My point is that the current state of affairs are not leading to an
> acceptable (for non-YECs) solution. We are losing. Big time.

I don't know the answer, but I agree with you. We are losing big time. I
have tried various methods to change minds but have seen nothing that works.

> My solution is to quit marginalizing them, to follow the precepts in THE
> FRACTURE OF GOOD ORDER, in the hope that true debate WILL take place.
> I do not think my solution is the only one -- it is perhaps not the best
> one -- it is all I have to offer. It may be that my solution will worsen
> things -- that the YECs will increase their current lead at even a higher
> rate than now. But I don't know that, and the author of FRACTURE offers
> good reasoning why the reverse is true.

Burgy, I have no sure fire methods either. It is clear to me that very
little actually works. I re-iterate my point-- there is no 'debate'.
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