Re: Grand Canyon Tears America Apart in Battle Between Science and Faith

From: wallyshoes <>
Date: Sun Jan 18 2004 - 15:19:01 EST

John W Burgeson wrote in part:

> Do they ever make valid points? Of course. There are times I actually
> agree a lot with ICR articles. When Joe Sebeny lectured here in Durango
> last year, there were points he made that were valid. But such were lost
> in his invalid and denigrating arguments (such as "Radiometric scientists
> deliberately lie").

Shame on Joe. He deteriorated if he said that..

I'd be interested in which points were valid and what impact they may have
had. Perhaps you listed them on one of your web site articles.

> If a person says 18 nonsense things to me and two with which I agree, am
> I likely to commend him on getting it 10% right? Would you?

No, I would reject the 90% and study the 10%. Wouldn't you?


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In any consistent theory, there must
exist true but not provable statements.
(Godel's Theorem)

You can only find the truth with logic
If you have already found the truth
without it. (G.K. Chesterton)
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