Re: Grand Canyon Tears America Apart in Battle Between Science and Faith

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Date: Sun Jan 18 2004 - 11:50:31 EST

Glenn Morton wrote:

> The reason I raise the Algeria situation is that there are parallels with
> what the YECs want. They don't want debate. They don't actually debate the
> issue if you analyze the situation. Debate requires the possiblity that one
> might change one's mind. For the most part, they never ever change their
> mind no matter what data you put before them. I am one of the few publishing
> YECs who ever defected. Nicolas Rupke is the only other one I know of. This
> tells you how rarely people actually leave YEC. The game played is:
> Evolutionist puts data before they YEC. The YEC says, "I believe the Bible"
> which really means he believes his interpretation of the Bible. But that
> isn't a debate. It is a stone wall. Take a look at my threads at TheologyWeb
> Alternatively, the YEC simply goes silent when faced with geological data
> and won't respond at all.

Actually, Glenn, you misrepresent this. There were many responses to your post
on "Unconformity, Structural deformation Present problems for flood"

If it were not so sad, these comments could actually be funny. Sure, it is just
the YECs who are pigheaded. All the scientists on this list are so open-minded
that their brains nearly fall out ;).

Let's get serious. Who on this list is open mended and listens to the arguments
of the YECs and concedes any point whatsoever to them? If there is any one point
that has been conceded to a YEC please tell me what it is. I'll bet that I get
no reply -- that the scientific people on this list "go silent" like a YEC --
or else post a lot of excuses why that would be a bad idea.

It takes 2 people to make a war. in this war, the YECs are one and those who
think like Glenn Morton are the others.

Now I happen to have fruitful discussions without several in my Church. If I
spoke like people on this list do, then there would be no dialog --- just 2
monologs. (or just one monolog as there is on this list).

Disgusting IMO.


Walt Hicks <>

In any consistent theory, there must
exist true but not provable statements.
(Godel's Theorem)

You can only find the truth with logic
If you have already found the truth
without it. (G.K. Chesterton)
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