Re: Grand Canyon Tears America Apart in Battle Between Science and Faith

From: John W Burgeson <>
Date: Sat Jan 17 2004 - 15:08:53 EST

Complaints from Elders and others caused seven leading Earth-science
organizations to write to the NPS on 16 December asking for the book to
be removed from the shop >>

I, for one, think this is an absurd thing to do -- did we learn NOTHING
from the similar campaign against Velikovsky some 30 or 40 years ago?

When you marginalize a position, it just gives them legitimate reason to
declare themselves as martyrs for the cause. And who is to say another
view may similarly come under attack? What if the book was all about
evolutionary theory and the attackers were YECs?

The bookstore should be able to set its own policies about what will sell
and what won't. The gov't ought not take a stand for or against any
particular position, no matter how solid the science behind it. If the
flat earth society publishes a book that will sell -- so be it.

Does anyone know the names of these so called "leading Earth-science
organizations?" I sure hope the ASA was not one of them.

Burgy (Into the Shadows)

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