Re: Energy sources in the next 20 years

From: John W Burgeson <>
Date: Wed Jan 14 2004 - 17:04:04 EST

Glenn posted: "According to my calculations, your assumption is wrong. I
calculate (and I
await verification) that 10 sq miles is about 26 million meters. ...
Unless I have missed something (which is always a
possibility) I doubt that 10 sq miles will supply California."

Yeah. I must have written more ambiguously than usual. The 10 sq miles is
for tidal power, not solar. According to the BAS a pilot project has been
put in place and based on its output the 10 sq miles calculation was made
(by BAS, not by me).

>I agree that more work should be done and it is, but there will have to
be hundreds of these along a shore and it will change coastal erosion
processes which will have environmental impact."

True enough, and the BAS did not cover this aspect, nor the capital
investment and energy needed to build the infernal machines in the first

But the idea is a neat one, for the energy produced ought to have zero
emmissions. And again, 10 sq miles does not seem to be much of the
Pacific to give up to power California.

Burgy (Into the Shadows)

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