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Date: Wed Jan 14 2004 - 07:45:18 EST

Easy! A miracle would do it! I dont see why God couldnt have enabled that as
after the fall originally veggie cats and dogs rapidly lengthened their
canines and claws and shortened their stomachs so they could eat meat.
My argument is flawless so don't try to refute it Glenn

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> I just added a section to my page on Canadian coal which impacts the
> floating veggie mat theory which Bill is advocating. I point out a map,
> made from drill holes which show a meandering sandstone-filled channel
> running through the Harrisburg No. 5 coal seam. This channel goes across
> many counties. It is hard to see how a floating vegetation mat could also
> deposit a meandering sandstone channel at the same time as it is dropping
> vegetation. Are we now going to suggest floating sand bodies which drop
> sandstone in the global flood?
> see towards the botoom of
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