RE: NT inerrancy??

From: Don Perrett <>
Date: Sun Jan 11 2004 - 23:39:16 EST

While I do not totally disagree, I must point out that just about everyone
agrees on the fact that God and Christ are the Word? What does that mean?
For me it means that the Bible is the one and only insight to God and if one
wants answers to what God wants for and from us, we must look there. In
doing so, we find ourselves interpreting and even concording text within our
historical and scientific abilities and knowledge. To make the claim that
one can understand the bible only through some divine revelation would limit
99% of all people from understanding God.

Don Perrett

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Two questions:

>> > Are we all Bible worshipers or Christ followers?

> In fact why are we Christians so adamant about infallibility when the
> never comes right out and makes such a claim?

Good questions, Walt. One cannot help but notice how much time and energy is
spent on this list to protect the (humanly crafted) concept of biblical
infallibility and other propositions that serve to place the Judeo-Christian
canon in an elevated category totally different from the canonical texts of
all other religious communities.

Howard Van Till
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