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As a somewhat naive, benighted nonscientist (I am an electrical
engineer. I do have a Ph.D., but Dr. Frosch, GM's former research vice
president and a physicist, once said he couldn't understand why
doctorates were awarded in engineering) I have greatly appreciated
Howard's writings, especially "The fourth day" and his writings on the
functional integrity concept. I don't necessarily agree with everything
he says, but I truly appreciate his contributions.
On Thursday, January 8, 2004, at 09:16 AM, Howard J. Van Till wrote:

> From: wallyshoes <>
> > WOW!
> >
> > I truly shake in my boots at this proclamation! . Lord help me if I
> have
> > to "fear" a book by Howard Van Till -- or anyone else on this list.
> >
> > I have read some of Howard's writings and he strikes me as completely
> > naive with respect to any REAL science (i.e. physics).
> >
> > How much should I tremble?
> Walt,
> 1. Oops, your hostility is showing.
> 2. I have no expectation or desire that you experience fear of
> anything that I write. Yes, as a general rule I do express myself very
> candidly, and I also believe that a number of beliefs and
> presuppositions that are commonly held in the Christian community need
> to be thoroughly re-examined. But neither of those practices should
> instill fear in anyone except those persons who are devoted to the
> perpetuation of unexamined traditions (and I presume that you have no
> wish to be counted as one of those).
> 3. Am I, as you suggest, "completely naive with respect to any REAL
> science (i.e. physics)."? I suppose that's possible, but in light of
> both my training and my career, not very likely. Here's a brief bio
> that is often used to inform my audiences when I lecture.
> ************************************************
> Howard J. Van Till is Professor Emeritus of Physics and Astronomy at
> Calvin College, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. After
> graduating from Calvin College in 1960, he earned his Ph.D. in physics
> from Michigan State University in 1965. Dr. Van Till's research
> experience includes both solid state physics and millimeter-wave
> astronomy. During the past two decades he has devoted a considerable
> portion of his writing and speaking efforts to topics regarding the
> relationship of science and religion. Having concluded that the usual
> creation/evolution debate is the product of serious misunderstandings,
> Van Till's goal is to encourage a non-adversarial and
> mutually-informative engagement of Christian theology and the natural
> sciences. He is the author of numerous books, book chapters, and
> essays on this theme and has spoken at many universities and colleges.
> He is a Founding Member of the International Society for Science and
> Religion, has served on the Executive Council of the American
> Scientific Affiliation, and is a member of the Editorial Board of
> Science and Christian Belief.
> *************************************************
> By the way, if you intended to say or imply that physics is the only
> REAL science, I heartily disagree. The several disciplines that
> comprise the natural sciences are equally "real" science. These
> disciplines may differ somewhat in their styles of empirical
> investigation and theory formulation/evaluation, but that does not
> make any one of them any less real than the others. I would suggest
> that most of these stylistic differences arise from differences in the
> complexity and/or physical accessibility of the systems under scrutiny
> and differences in the historical development of the several
> professional communities involved.
> Howard Van Till
Bill Hamilton Rochester, MI 248 652 4148
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