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Date: Fri Jan 09 2004 - 06:01:18 EST

Walter Hicks wrote (in recommendation of a book
from Howard Van Till).

>I truly shake in my boots at this proclamation! . Lord help me if I have
>to "fear" a book by Howard Van Till -- or anyone else on this list.
>I have read some of Howard's writings and he strikes me as completely
>naive with respect to any REAL science (i.e. physics).
>How much should I tremble?

Feared is probably not a good choice of words.

What I found particularly good about Howard's book
was that it points to inconsistencies at both extremes.

The book was written before Dawkins became popular, but
but it attacks quite plainly the flaws in such
narrow ideological reasoning. I think Michael Ruse
would probably basically agree with a large percentage
of that book in fact. So it is not just a book to
satisfy the angst of people who believe in God either.

As to whether it is "feared" by creationist, I don't
know. It points out what is wrong with the so-called
"scientific" claims of creationists at that time, and
since most of the creationist arguments go back to the
19th century, there is little new under the sun even
today. It suggests how the creationist's chutzpah
to call their position "science" does damage to science.
It does not (to the best of my recollection) say that
creationists are wrong to believe what they want, rather
it is wrong to call what they want to believe "science"
and to resort to politics to defend it.

In short, BOTH creationist AND atheists are holding
science hostage by their narrow views and world run
by ideologues of the Dawkins kind is unlikely to do
any less harm than a creationist-theocracy in the
long run.

I saw it as an important contribution because, in a
bigger picture, it eloquently revealed to me that a
healthy respect for knowledge (all knowledge and not
just that acquired by the scientific method) is
required for humanity to make progress. That was
what I walked away from it reflecting anyway.

By Grace alone we proceed,

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