Re: Real Science (was Re: serious)

From: Dr. Blake Nelson <>
Date: Thu Jan 08 2004 - 13:15:06 EST

--- Jan de Koning <> wrote:
> At 06:37 AM 08/01/2004 -0800, Dr. Blake Nelson
> wrote:
> >By the way, did you intend to imply that only
> natural
> >sciences are "real" science and that social
> sciences
> >are not? That would seem uncharacteristically
> >exclusive of you and depend on a particular,
> unstated
> >definition of science (since empirical
> investigation,
> >theory formulation, etc. that you mention all
> inhere
> >in the social sciences -- or at least subparts
> >thereof). ;)
> Of course, Howard does not want to exclude
> anything, but he used here the
> old ,medieval distinction between Arts and Sciences.
> It just goes to show
> that it is very hard to get away (in any English
> speaking country) from the
> Middle Ages. In other countries he would be called
> a professor in Physics,
> where Physices would still be called (maybe) a
> science. However, Theology
> is not a science, and maybe a Theology- course is
> given in the Arts part of
> the University. Or, is Theology, (as trying to
> learn about "God") the
> direction giving part of a University?
> BTW are the Social Sciences part of the Sciences so
> that one gets degrees
> like B.Sc.?

I think it depends on the social science and the
university granting the degree. My alma mater
definitely grants a B.Sc. for Economics, but you can
also get a B.A. in Economics -- IIRC the courses of
study were slightly different with more emphasis on
econometrics for the B.Sc -- as one can get a B.Sc. in
math from that school as well. I don't know about
other social sciences.

> Or, do they still get B.A. degrees,
> thus indicating that
> Soocial Sciences are nor "real" sciences?
> I am confused here. I studied mathematics and a bit
> philosophy but got a
> B.Sc. degree,

Of course, we could turn this whole question on its
head and ask why they give doctorates of philosophy
for natural sciences. ;) Further underscoring the
vagaries of language.

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