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From: Howard J. Van Till <>
Date: Wed Jan 07 2004 - 14:43:08 EST

From: Drsyme <>

> Is this meant to be a joke? Is this tounge in cheek?
> I mean no offense but why would you call them liars? It is this attitude,
> considering them dirt etc. that disturbs me about some YEC proponents.
> You admit to accepting the fruits of scientific inquiry, so you must think
> that the reasoning is sound. Then why, just because a conclusion that is
> derived from scientific evidence, contradicts a "favorite" interpretation
> of the bible, would you consider them liars? That makes no sense to me.
> Maybe the interpretation is wrong, that is possible!
> I dont relly know your views, you may not be a YEC'er, and are just
> spoofing them with this post. But if that is your view, how to you explain
> your inconsistency?
> Do you realize that MRI scanners, and GPS satellites, have to make
> relativistic corrections?

Sorry for the confusion. Most persons on this list know well that I am NOT a
YEC and that this was indeed written with tongue in cheek. Your comments on
inconsistency are right on target. That was, in fact, the point of the post.

Howard Van Till
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