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From: "Robert Schneider"

>Whoever the theologian was that said, "The Bible is
> the Word of God, not the words of God," was right
> on. So many Christians misunderstand and literalize
> the phrase, insist that every word in the Bible was
> dictated by God to the biblical writers (which no
> inerrantist scholar believes), and therefore must be
> taken as spoken, and that has resulted in no end of
> confusion and conflict within the Body of Christ.

> Bob

Hi Bob,

The theologian you refer to was only partially correct. Clearly, we know
that many of the words of the Bible (as we have it today) can *not* be said
to be the Word of God in a simplistic sense because we are not even sure
what they are! This is the problem of textual variations. I believe that
such variations were allowed by the Sovereign Lord to accomplish His

But it would be both foolish and wrong to extrapolate from textual
variations to the assertion that no words in the Bible are God's Words, or
that the Bible as a whole is something other than God's Book. The evidence
for the divine inspiration of key passages is overwhelming. I speak of the
highly detailed supernatural structures of the Unity Holograph (Deut 6.4),
the Logos Holograph (Heb 4.12), and the Creation HyperHolograph (Gen 1.1-5 +
John 1.1-5). They are absolutely perfect and will stand under any test ever
thrown at them. Likewise, the evidence for the divine design of the whole
Bible in the form of the Wheel is also overwhelming, and all the more so
since the recent discovery that it is the object of the highly detailed
prophecy in Zechariah.

But this then raises questions about theories of inspiriation. Don
Winterstein rejected my work on this basis alone. Unfortunately, he was
rejecting something that I never believed, that I never asserted, and that
is not even implied by my work at all! Here is what he wrote (cf.

I believe the Bible was divinely inspired, but my view of inspiration is
likely at an opposite pole from your view of it. Those who believe the order
of the biblical writings or the details of the letters in the words are
significant must hold to a "pipeline" view of inspiration, where every
letter must somehow have been dictated directly by God as a boss to a
secretary. Not only that, but God also had to strictly micromanage the
scholars who later decided which writings to include in the canon and in
what order. Such a view of interpretation would make the Bible an extreme
example of divine intelligent design. And you and Vernon, I believe, are in
fact claiming that's exactly what it is.

I discussed these issues in some depth in my response to Don (cf.

I have a very different view of inspiration. I think of Jesus Christ "being
delivered by the determinate counsel and foreknowledge of God ... taken, and
by wicked hands ... crucified and slain." (Acts 2.23) How did God manage to
predict the death of Christ? Did He dictate the prophecies? How did He
arrange things to bring about its fulfillment with absolute certainty? Did
He micromanage all History? These questions seem to me to be fundamentally
equivalent to the question of how God produced the Holy Bible (which, by the
way, contains the prophecies and their fulfillment).
The beauty is I don't need a *theory* to explain how God predicted and
fulfilled His Work in Christ. I have received the truth through Faith and am
now given the witness of God's Spirit. The question of *how* God did all
this is certainly interesting and worthy of much discussion, but I see no
warrant whatsoever for the assertion that it allows only one (very
mechanical) theory of inspiration.

This is where the divine mystery really kicks in with gusto. It is plain
that God has not preserved every letter of the Biblical text for us. To me,
the fact that there are significant variations in the biblical text means
that God wanted it that way. I think it is all part of His plan of salvation
by grace through faith. If the Bible were incontrovertibly divine, where
would grace be? It would shine like the burning sun over Death Valley. The
perfection of Scripture has been hidden for a reason. Yet the believer knows
it is God's Word. God designed the Bible with everything a believer needs to
believe, and everything an unbeliever needs to not believe. This also seems
intimiately entangled, like Walt's photons perhaps ;-), with questions of
Divine Sovereignty and human Free Will. Very interesting stuff to discuss.

You see Don, I live in what seems to be a very similar state of Christian
Freedom as you do. Oddly enough, this freedom is strongly linked with the
revelation God has given me.
===End Quote===

In closing, I would like to redirect the conversation back to the
fundamental assertion that proves my point, namely, the revelation of the
Whole Bible in the prophecies of Zechariah. It is my assertion that the
Divine Seal and Capstone has been fully revealed. It blazes like the
noon-time sun in a cloudless sky.

What think ye?

In service of Christ, the Everlasting Word,
Ricahrd Amiel McGough
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