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From: Howard J. Van Till <>
Date: Wed Jan 07 2004 - 12:17:00 EST

>From: wallyshoes <>

> It is philosophy (i.e. "God would not lie in
> nature"), not TODAY'S science, that discredits the YEC belief that
> everything, (including scientific laws!) was created about 6000 years
> ago. If we refuse to accept that, then why should YECs accept our
> viewpoint? If I were in their position, I certainly would not. I would
> instead consider scientists to be an arrogant lot who are not to be
> trusted.

Yes, but with some interesting exceptions. As a typical YEC, I would want
the best and latest knowledge from medical science when I am faced with a
serious illness. I would also be tickled pink with the fruits of modern
solid state physics as I celebrate the enormous number of electronic gadgets
that now fill my home and car. I would also welcome the system of satellites
in orbit around the Earth that facilitate my reception of television,
internet, and weather information. I would even celebrate what the
geological sciences know to make available that inexpensive gasoline that I
buy for my fleet of V8 vehicles.. Yes, I would celebrate the natural
sciences and all of the technologies based on them EXCEPT when those same
sciences, employing the same patterns of reasoning, reach a conclusion that
challenges some favorite interpretation of the Bible. THEN I would consider
the scientific community as dirt under my feet, and I would feel perfectly
justified to think of them as no more than a pack of arrogant liars.

Howard Van Till
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