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> He was refering to the WHOLE BIBLE consisting of sixty-six
> > Books as prophesied in full detail in the extended visions from the
> > and fourth chapters of Zechariah.
> >
> > Many biblical scholars have recognized this prophecy as refering
> > specifically to the whole Word of God. Little did they know the depth of
> > their own words! The Bible speaks of itself!
> I do wish some "biblical scholars" would learn to read the Bible and
> discover what it says and not what they want it to say. By doing so they
> mock the Word of God and God
> Michael

I defer to Mr. Roberts' expertise in the field of Mockery. Unfortunately
(for him) it is the Devil's Tool that he wields with such alacrity.

Mr. Roberts has assailed not only God and His Word (under the pretext of
defending them, no less!), but also all who would assert that the vision in
Zechariah referred to the Word of God as antitype. Here are a few of the
people Mr. Roberts lumps together as mockers of God and His Word:

Dr. James Coffman, who wrote a commentary on the whole Bible. This is what
he had to say on this point:

The first six words of the angel's explanation contain the whole
explanation: THIS IS THE WORD OF JEHOVAH! As Unger observed: "Zechariah's
vision was THE WORD OF THE LORD, vitally real and effective for the pressing
problems of the hour in which it was initially revealed."

The emphasis in all caps was Coffman's OWN. Note he quoted another famous
and highly competent commentator Merrill Unger. Here's a short bio of this
wicked mocker of God and His Word (as Mr. Roberts would have it):

Merrill F. Unger (A.B., Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University; Th.M., Th.D.,
Dallas Theological Seminary) pastored several churches before joining the
faculty of Dallas Theological Seminary in 1948. There he served as professor
of Old Testament studies until his retirement in 1967. He was the author of
many books including such monumental reference works as Unger's Bible
Dictionary and the two-volume Unger's Commentary on the Old Testament. Dr.
Unger died in 1981.

Mr. Roberts' blanket condemnation of any who would see God's Word as the
antitype of Zechariah's prophecy also includes John Foxe (Author of Lives of
the Martyrs, 1554) and B.W. Johnson, the author of the Peoples New Testament

I could go on and on citing volumes of evidence. But that is pointless.
Evidence has never been an issue in this forum.

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Richard Amiel McGough
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