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Nobody ever taught me this in Sunday School. Amazing what you can pick up
on the
ASA list.

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> The Bible is a self-referential book authored by God, though written by
> Peter and Paul and others who did not necessarily have a any clue
> about what God was ultimately doing through them. Discussions limited to
> what Peter or Paul knew, thought, or felt will never reveal the intent of
> the Author of the Holy Bible. This is the way people who don't know the
> Author would study the Bible. The Sheep hear His Voice in all Scripture.
> The answer to the question "all WHAT scripture" is revealed within the
> self-reflective Scripture itself. When God said that "all Scripture is
> God-breathed" He was refering to the WHOLE BIBLE consisting of sixty-six
> Books as prophesied in full detail in the extended visions from the third
> and fourth chapters of Zechariah.
> Many biblical scholars have recognized this prophecy as refering
> specifically to the whole Word of God. Little did they know the depth of
> their own words! The Bible speaks of itself!
> Here is the outline of the revelation from Zechariah and its application
> the Bible:
> Zechariah 3.9 reveals the Bible as the One Stone with Seven Eyes (the
> sevenfold symmetric perfection of the Bible Wheel) engraved by God and
> sealed with the Cross (by which he removed the iniquity of the land in one
> day).
> Zechariah 4.2 reveals the Bible in the form of the Menorah The seven
> canonical divisions symmetrically map onto the Menorah and alphanumerical
> spell the word TEHILAH meaning PRAISE. The Two Olive Trees represent the
> Testaments pouring their Oil into the Golden Bowl (the Bible Wheel -
> Capstone).
> Zechariah 4.7 reveals the Bible in the form of the Wheel as the Capstone
> that completes the supernatural structure of Scripture.
> Zechariah 4.10 reveals the Bible as the Plummet, the Stone of Division,
> Word of God that "is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged
> sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of
> joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the
> heart." (Hebrew 4.12).
> Putting this all together, we have the following description of the full
> structure of the Holy Bible as seen by the Prophet Zechariah over 500
> before Christ was born:
> 1) The Two Olive Trees are the Two Testaments (Old and New) that testify
> (bear witness) to the Lord of all the earth.
> 2) The Two Testaments pour their Golden Oil (Books) through two Golden
> into the Golden Bowl (= the Bible Wheel = the One Stone with Seven Eyes =
> the Capstone).
> 3) The Golden Bowl distributes the Books from each of the Seven Divisions
> the Canon Wheel to the Seven Lamps of the Golden Menorah, to enlighten the
> whole world with the Light of God's Word through the power of the Holy
> Spirit.
> The Divine Seal and Capstone of God's Word is now fully revealed, enabling
> all believers to discern the true lines in the House of God.
> Graphics and full explanations are given on my site:
> In service of the Everlasting Word,
> Richard Amiel McGough
> Discover the sevenfold symmetric perfection of the Holy Bible at
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