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That was exactly my point - we agree! Debating the age of the earth is fun, nothing more. The Bible does not specifically tell us the age of the earth, what year Adam was created, how old the stars are, or other information. The Bible does tell us that everything created by God points to God as the Creator and as our Savior and Redeemer. Debating is fun but we must not confuse what we know with what we assume. Many people have assumed that the earth was flat and young but the Bible does not say that. The Bible simply says that the earth was created - not how or when or what happened. The Bible says that Adam was created - not how or when or what happened.
The Bible does say that Jesus was born of a virgin, lived a holy, sinless life, and died on the cross as a sacrifice for our sins.
Like I said, we agree!

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Glad you liked but I was deadly serious. Clearly we do have observational evidence that the earth is spherical, but the evidence for heliocentricity is no better than for a billions of years old earth. Further no evidence has been advanced against an ancient earth - alleged evidence is always shown to be false (there are lots of meanings of that word!)
My serious point is that the bible may not directly support a spherical or ancient earth - or rather gives no evidence. Thus on biblical grounds alone we may legitimately accept a flat and young earth. Once we accept a spherical earth we are bringing in extra-biblical arguments so why cant we do so for an ancient earth. The fact is that a YEC is holding a similar position to a flat-earther and we should say so. Strictly speaking none of these beliefs are necessary for a Christian BUT BUT BUT if you do accept a flat or young earth we make belief in Christ incredible to any normal person who has not had the YEC treatment.
People are being kept from a belief in Christ as Saviour but the YECs insistence in believing in a young earth and that if you dont you cant believe in the biblical God.
PS I have nothing but respect for those who before the evidence was available believed in a flat earth(before 200BC) , geocentricity (before 1550-1640)or 4000BC as the date of Creation(before 1800).
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Cute - I really like that, honest. That's funny. Seriously, though, we actually have evidence that the earth is spherical, not flat. People have seen it. I believe the earth is billions of years old based on the evidence. I also believe in God - based on the evidence. My belief in God is stronger and deeper than any other belief because I have a deeper relationship with Him than I do with anyone or anything else in this world.
God is silent about the age of the earth but He is not silent about our need for a Savior. He is not silent about my fallen nature and need for redemption. God leaves mysteries for us that fascinate me!

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In the email I clarified that this went beyond the flat earth/spherical earth controversy. Being an astronomer, I agree that all the evidence points to a spherical earth . I prefer the spherical earth position myself but I honestly don't know for sure.
The point of the email is that all science must be interpreted through God's word and through God because He is the absolute truth. Anything less would be heresy. As we all know, the Bible is not clear on the sphericity of the earth despite what some people proclaim. The Bible is clear on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. He is our focus all of the time. Debating the sphericity of the earth is fun but, despite copernican claims, our belief system and salvation are not hinged on what we believe about the shape of the earth.
I personally have found that despite my belief in a spherical old earth, the status of my salvation has not changed nor has my relationship with God. I have found that the more I seek the truth, my relationship with God grows deeper.

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