Re: Giberson & Yerxa vs Numbers #2

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Mon Jan 05 2004 - 12:18:45 EST

Joel writes:

Has anybody read Lindberg & Numbers' _When Science & Christianity
Meet_? Are there any other books on the topics of origins/earth
history and theologies of creation (I'm planning to read Henri
Blocher's _In the Beginning_ and am thinking about reading
Bonhoeffer's _Creation & Fall_) that people would recommend? I'll
probably be involved in discussions of the topic in the near future
and wanted to read some more before then.

Ted responds:
I know the new Numbers/Lindberg book--which they are colloquially calling
"Son of God and Nature" (a reference to their 1986 book supposedly aimed at
students but really mainly for scholars)--very well also. I have not yet
read the published version (although Ron sent me a copy a few weeks ago),
but two years ago we used the typescript as the basis for a January term
course taught by one of the contributors, Blair Nelson (author of the
chapter on theories of human origin in the mid-19th century). I also
recommend this one highly.

If I may be so bold, I also recommend the new book from Eerdmans, edited by
KSU geologist Keith Miller, entitled "Perspectives on an Evolving Creation."
 It features essays by yours truly and many other ASAers, I think an
excellent overall volume. I plan to run a review by Jan de Koning in the
next ASA/HPS newsletter, which should come out in about six weeks.

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