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I have not read Giberson so dont know.

There are also useful websites . Try the following (which is lifted out of
an article I wrote on a geologist looking at creationism -available as an


Websites; Christians in Science A useful technical anti-creationist site.
Comprehensive. Site of an American evangelical science and religion site,
varying in perspective from evolutionary to creationist. Very useful, much
good stuff, some dross. Some good links. Website of Dr Keith Miller of Kansas,
geology prof and opponent of 1999 Kansas proposals. Some good links both on
geology and creationism. National Council for Science Education, San Diego.
Very useful. This site is by
Glenn Morton, a Texan geophysicist, who was an active Creationist until the
mid-80s when wormholes in the Carboniferous converted him. He was Josh
MacDowell's "scientific" adviser and is often cruelly accused of being an
apostate. Interesting and disturbing. is excellent on history etc

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> I own Ronald Numbers' _The Creationists_ and am thinking about
> purchasing Giberson & Yerxa's _The Species of Origins_. What are the
> similarities and differences between the two books? How will reading
> _The Species_ add to my knowledge of the topic?
> Thanks for any input,
> Joel
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